Why Join AIAS?

Why join AIAS? What does paying dues get you? When you become a member of AIAS, you open up a world of opportunities. Benefits and opportunities of an AIAS membership are listed below.



When you join AIAS Kent you will get invited to both the AIAS Kent and Midwest Quad Slack channels. Through these you can connect with and learn from students within our college and across the Midwest.

AIAS Grassroots 2017

AIAS Grassroots 2017


Another way to get to know other members of AIAS outside of our chapter and even the Midwest is through the national conferences held every year. There are three conferences held throughout the year: Forum, Midwest Quad, and Grassroots. If you talk to anyone who has attended a conference with AIAS Kent they can tell you how fun and valuable these are.


national benefits

On a national level, AIAS members receive benefits from our partners such as the American Institute of Architects, PPI, Blankspace, MIT Press, Hotel Storm, and Black Spectacles. To access your benefits, click below and use the password that was sent to you in your member registration confirmation.


Input on the profession

AIAS is one of the five collateral organizations in the field of architecture that have say in how the profession works. Alongside the AIA, NCARB, NAAB, and ACSA we get to have a voice in the way architecture works now as well as in the future.

Another opportunity with this is the chance to be on the committee involved with the various accreditation visits to schools across the country.



Throughout the year, AIAS helps to run different awesome competitions that members can enter. Whether it be for sketches, portfolios, photographs, or more, the competitions are run typically with a partner organization and provide opportunities for members to show off their work as well as compete for cash prizes.

AIA Cleveland Design Awards

AIA Cleveland Design Awards

professional benefits

The AIAS can connect you with tremendous professional networking opportunities and connections that you cannot find elsewhere. The value of access to professional events and firms while you are still in school cannot be overstated and will give you an advantage over your peers and jump-starting your career.